As a small business, we are dedicated to being ethical and environmentally friendly within our practices and we expect the same from our suppliers. Here's a few ways we stay ethical and implement our environmental policies in our business.

Ethical Policy

We believe that it is important to know that garments from our current suppliers are manufactured and supplied lawfully in each country they are sourced. We will not knowingly work with garment or packaging suppliers that do not comply with their countries' laws and regulations. We make sure they are looking after their workers and paying them fairly.

Environmental Policy

Our suppliers agree with our environmental policies while producing our garments. Our printed garments are printed using water-based inks which are OEKO-TEX® approved. . All excess cardboard by our company and our supplier are fully recycled. In addition to this, any failed prints that do not pass the quality checks are donated to charity.

We have made a lot of effort to make all our packaging, from us to you as a customer, as recyclable as we can. The boxes we ship our goods in are fully recyclable and are easy to break down to put in your recycle bin. Our packaging tape is made using reinforced Kraft paper. It is strong for shipping as well as being fully recyclable, biodegradable, and repulpable. Our black tissue paper used for wrapping most of our products is acid-free and also fully recyclable.

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