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Meyous Clothing is an alternative clothing brand based in the United Kingdom. We thrive to create clothing as inclusive as possible inspired by grunge, punk and goth. Meyous is a brand with a strong identity, that has a clear message. We do not discriminate and we are open to all walks of life, genders, sexual orientation or religion. Meyous Clothing is a brand that focuses on three core values: uniqueness, darkness and love. We try to create alternative clothing with strong and unique identity. As well as this, we also understand that many people want to express their own personality and style through the clothes they wear. Meyous is a brand that wants to bring everyone together and wants everyone to be part of the Meyous family.

Furthermore we are passionate about doing the right thing. This means we look after the environment and use ethically sourced products. As a matter of fact, we only use suppliers that agree with our ethical and environmental policies.  

With this in mind, we use fully recyclable packaging, eco-friendly ink and donate our faulty prints to charity. Read more here.

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