Who is Meyous Clothing Co? - A Bit About Us!

Who is Meyous Clothing Co? - A Bit About Us!

If you are reading this, we are guessing you found a post or an update in our email newsletter letting you know we have started a blog. Either this, or you found it randomly on your endless scrolling and searching during the night, or even throughout a boring day at work.

However, if you found this, we thank you for getting this far already and thank you for possibly giving our blog a chance. 

This blog will cover a range of subjects relating to topics we are passionate about, such as fashion, alternative clothing, the environment, and a variety of other things. 

This post covers more about us, our mission, and why we wanted to start the business. It will also include our current products and policies and will include our objectives to reach aspects of our mission in the future. 

Who we are

If you do not know already,  Meyous Clothing Co is an alternative clothing brand that was founded in 2020 by Leon Winter in Bournemouth,  but is now based in Southampton UK. 

We are an online e-commerce store that provides inclusive clothing, inspired by goth, punk, grunge, and a range of various other “alternative” subcultures. 

Meyous Clothing Co | Alternative Clothing UK

The Meyous Clothing team is composed of just me at the moment, Leon Winter.  Sometimes my friends, family, and girlfriend chip in, if needed. 

What our branding means

The answer for this is inclusivity. Our name may seem odd, but it is simply three words. Me, You and Us. From Me, to You, as a customer, and Us. That's everyone who is part of our Meyous customer family. We believe that togetherness and being non-judgmental are important. This is the foundation of our brand. 

The three scratches in our logo, again, are simple, but symbolize the three aspects of our name, as mentioned above.This corresponds to our mission being strong and like a lion, our pride in our products. 

Meyous Clothing Co Logo


Our Mission

In our research of the industry, there are only a few goth and alternative retailers who advertise and provide inclusive and plus-size clothing. 

However, these online stores' definition of plus-size and inclusive only cover sizes up to Men 2XL, which is equivalent to a UK female size 16-18. These sites also only have limited designs and products of their plus size range which we thought was not enough.

Meyous Clothing Co | Inclusive Clothing UK

Our mission is to provide larger and more inclusive sizes in alternative clothing. The aim is that all our products on our site conform to this, meaning all our designs and products are available in all sizes and there will be no “plus-size” section on our site, because why should there be? 

Second, to inclusivity, we aim to make all our business, from production to delivery as eco-friendly as we can. The environment is important to our future and therefore we want to do our part in maintaining it for future generations. We feel this is our responsibility and all companies, big and small, should have rules and regulations in place to do this too. 


How we are currently trying to achieve our goals

To help us achieve the mission we have already worked on and achieved some essentials so we can eventually reach our goals. As mentioned previously, being inclusive in our range of clothing is important to us and we are proudly working alongside a supplier that currently is allowing us to provide a large range of clothing sizes. For example, most of our t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts are available in sizes X-Small to 5-Extra Large, this is equivalent to UK Women’s sizes 8-24. Our skirts and crop-tops do currently only range from sizes X-Small to 3-Extra Large (Women’s Sizes 8-22), although we are in the process of trying to get these in at larger sizes. As well as this our leggings are available in sizes X-Small to 6-Extra Large (Women’s 8-26) which is the largest size range on our site, to date.

Meyous Clothing Co | Inclusive Clothing UK

In our online store, we provide shoes for men and women. Our PU Leather boots are available in women's sizes and men's sizes. For more information on these sizes please follow our size guides as every size available, men’s and women’s, are included on the size variant drop-down on each of the fake leather boots’ product pages. This allows the option of finding the exact right size for you, whether that might be in the “men’s version” of size or “women’s version “of size. Our Nylon Canvas Boots are currently only available in Women’s Sizes, please see the size guides for the measurements of these.

Our Materials

T-shirts - 100% Organic Cotton

Hoodies - 80% Ringspun Cotton and 20% Polyester 

Sweatshirts - 80% Ringspun Cotton and 20% Polyester 

Leggings -  82% polyester, 18% spandex

Skater Skirts -  82% polyester, 18% spandex

Handbags / Shoulder Bags 100% PU Leather (Fake Vegan Leather)

Cross Body Bags - Nylon Cloth

Leather Boots -  PU Leather (Fake Vegan Leather), Rubber Sole

Canvas Boots - Nylon Canvas, Rubber Sole

Beanies- 100% soft touch acrylic 

Meyous Clothing Co | Skull Cherry PU Leather Handbag

Being eco-friendly

At the moment all our products are vegan friendly. All products that include a printed design are printed with vegan and eco-friendly inks. The inks used for our products are water-based and OEKO-TEX® approved, meaning they don't contain any regulated or unregulated chemicals harmful to the environment. Failed prints are also unavoidable, and all products that fail quality checks are recycled by our supplier after printing and are made into new items, such as carpet underlay. All our packaging is fully recyclable this includes our packaging tape, boxes and envelopes, and acid-free tissue paper. Even our stickers are recyclable. 

Meyous Clothing Co | Eco-friendly | Vegan Friendly

To lower our carbon footprint, all printed and embroidered items, apart from Shoes and Bags, are printed in the UK. We are currently working to find local suppliers for our range of boots and handbags. As well as this, soon we are starting a collaboration with “Eco Cart” to allow us as a company and our customers to have carbon-neutral orders. This will be available as an option to you on the checkout page and for us as an internal agreement with Eco Cart. This will mean that when selected, 1-2% of the order amount will be donated to projects to sequester, reduce and “offset” the emissions of each order. You will also be able to download a Chrome Extension to track your impact.


The Future: Our Next Steps

Our aim for the future is to design and sell alternative and gothic clothing that is fully inclusive. This means finding suppliers and working with those suppliers to produce a large range of sizes. Our optimum goal is to have our measuring system to allow us to provide perfect fitting clothing for all. These would be more exact sizing measurements that would take into account more dimensions instead of the average 3 or 4 used by most companies. This may take a while to calculate and put into place but with your help, we will be able to achieve this in the future. 

Meyous Clothing Co | Inclusive Clothing UK

We would love to build a community that is passionate about alternative clothing and accessories. Somewhere that we all can talk about new styles, have a place to share our looks, and also somewhere that people are passionate about what we stand for. Our new project, which is currently secret, goes hand in hand with this and we will be sharing this with you at some point in 2022. We have planned more products that are coming soon, and during the coming year, new designs will come every few months as the design process for us is constant. We can’t wait to share any new products with you. 

We are also going to be working hard to maintain our eco-friendly approach. As mentioned in “Being eco-friendly” we will be working with Eco-Cart soon to make orders carbon neutral and all our packaging will stay fully recyclable. We also will be finding alternative ways to make our packaging as beautiful and eco-friendly as we can.



As an inclusive clothing e-commerce store, we are working hard to reach our mission and achieve our goals for now and our future. We love goth, punk, and grunge clothing, and making this alternative clothing style as inclusive as possible is our passion in our online store. 

Join our community by following all our social media. We have accounts on Tik Tok, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest so make sure to follow them to get updates on new blog posts, new products, and all that’s new with our company. 

Meyous Clothing Co | Follow Meyous Clothing Co

Visit to find the Meyous Clothing Co. store to explore all our current collections and products.

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